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Organizational Alignment Model

How effective is your organization? How do you measure success? If you could change one thing in your business to drive improvement, what would it be?

We look at the big picture of an organization and it’s effectiveness as a whole. We partner with our clients to determine their current effectiveness, where the gaps are, and what areas need improvement for maximum impact. We help businesses in the areas of strategy, people, process improvement, rewards, and structure; all of which can be used to improve organizational effectiveness and deliver outstanding business results and customer value. When there is alignment between these areas, when these components are working together, organizational effectiveness is maximized.

Customer Value & Results

Successful companies pair improving bottom line results with delivering the value and experience the customer is looking for time after time. We help you analyze how each part of your organization is affecting customer value and design solutions that bring the entire organization into alignment to deliver outstanding results.

Organizational Effectiveness Drivers

Strategy: The first step to business success is to develop and effectively execute the strategic plan. We help our clients utilize and enhance their existing plan to provide clear objectives and accountability, down to a detailed action plan of individual responsibilities and target completion dates.

People: Having the right people in the right places with the right skills is critical for an effective organization. From employee selection to coaching and development for executives and their teams, we provide organizations with the resources they need to build and develop a winning team.

Process: Efficient proceses are essential for survival in today’s business environment. We bring the tools of Lean Manufacturing, sigma variation (root cause analysis), streamlining, and business process improvement to our clients to improve quality, customer satisfaction and safety, while lowering costs and cutting waste.

Rewards: Rewards influence behavior. Rewards can support the culture you are trying to create or create unintended consequences. We help companies establish rewards and recognition that are in alignment with the attainment of organizational goals.

Structure: The structure of an organization can either help or hinder an organization from accomplishing its goals. We work with companies to ensure their structure is in alignment with their strategy. We help match people with the plan to utilize the leadership most effectively.

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